Need Mac Driver For Scanner

Need Mac Driver For Scanner

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A thousand times, thank you. I just bought an S300 as a potential silver bullet scanning solution to take care of mounds of paperwork that a flatbed scanner wasn’t churning through fast enough. As I went to get it working with my iMac, imagine my chagrin (despair, really) when I discovered that I had spent money on a PC-only model, for which no downloadable Mac driver would work. (My failure to pay attention to the blitz of information on the Amazon page acknowledged and accepted, what company in this day and age produces two of the exact same model for two hardware platforms?).

For most interfaces, no driver is needed to connect the scanners to an Apple PC with MAC OS. If connecting a USB (HID) Keyboard Emulation scanner for the first time, a window (error message) appears which asks the user to press the key next to the left shift key in order to identify the keyboard. Dec 8, 2016 - Multifunction printer manufacturers typically include scanner software with their hardware, but the Mac may not need a special program.

Of all the instructions available online, none worked except yours. My S300 is now working and scanning as fast as others have raved. Again, thank you. Like or Dislike: 0 0 •. Hi There, I know this thread is very old, but today, I picked up a scansnap 300M at a thrift shop for $10 not knowing it was for mac. I went through the comments and figured out I could make it work with Windows 10 by adding a few things: 1. First, I went to Fujitsu’s site and downloaded the scansnap manager for Windows version 4.5 here:. Whats better wine or boot camp for playing pc games on mac free.

Go ahead and run the installation. I then went to the C: Windows SSDriver SSMini and opened the file s300-x64 setup information file and changed the code by adding the two lines at the end of the following (starting with%USB and ending with 117F). My comments are inside of the ** for non-coders. *Find this* [Models *there will be something else here like NT, etc.*]%USB FUJITSU_ScanSnapS300_____0.DeviceDesc% = S300U.Scanner,USB VID_04C5&PID_1156 *See it? Place your cursor at the end of 1156 and hit enter. On the new line with no space in between, paste the following:*%USB FUJITSU_ScanSnapS300_____0.DeviceDesc% = S300U.Scanner,USB VID_04C5&PID_117F 3.

Save the file. (if you can’t save it, you may need to go to the parent folder, right click it, and give yourself permission to edit the system file. Windows will block this if you don’t override it. Now, it still won’t work unless you tell windows to quit looking for signed drivers. I didn’t know how to do that, so kudos to a guy from iterrors for this: First you need to Disable driver signature enforcement. Go to start and type ‘advanced’ and click ‘change advanced startup options’ At advanced start up, choose restart now.

On the blue boot screen you click: Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Startup Settings -> restart. When rebooted choose the 7th bullet “Disable driver signature enforcement”. Finally, plug in the s300M to your windows computer. Open device manager and right click on the scansnap s300m. Tell it you’ll find your own drivers and reference back to the C: Windows SSDriver SSMini directory. It will now install the correct drivers for windows and work miraculously.

I can’t thank you all enough for your help with this. I am not a technophilehave never coded a day in my life and you got me through it! Like or Dislike: 0 0 •. You shouldn’t need to turn them into Word Docs. If I recall correctly this should work: Get the FineReader OCR install file from Fujitsu (). In your scansnap manager UNCHECK the “convert to searchable PDF” box (i know, it’s counterintuitive).

Then on the application tab select “ABBYY FineReader”. Then in the FineReader for ScanSnap app general preferences UNCHECK the “open file after recognition box and tick both the “Delete scanned images after recognition” and the “Quit ABBYY FineReader after recognition”. I Believe this worked for me, I then have the scans going into a folder that is watched by and I can search within those PDFs there.

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