Internet Security For Mac Pro

Internet Security For Mac Pro

Internet Security For Mac Pro Rating: 7,3/10 2765 reviews

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac combines security and efficiency and does not have any negative impact on your Mac, so your device keeps performing at its best. Simple to Set up and Easy to Use Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac provides users with simplified security management that saves your time, effort and hassle.

Plenty of Macs will tell you that Apple computers are inherently secure and require no protection. But on the technical side, OS X is a UNIX-based OS which comes with a series of fire doors that catches malware easily. Norton Internet Security is a tool to safeguard your Mac form various types of external threats. It’s an Internet security tool which will allow you confidently shop, browse and socialize online without worrying about getting hacked or scammed. Norton Internet security is like a next evolution of Internet security for Mac which protects Mac and substantially enhances its performance. It’s a tool that can use protect your Mac from viruses, spyware, hackers, malware and other threats.

It’s a complete Internet security in one packet that comes with Antiphishing Technology which easily blocks fraudulent phishing websites that are created to hack your identity and money from the Web. Not only your Mac, but the tool will also help you secure media files that are on iTunes, iMedia, iPhotos from different threats. Norton Internet security is also a smart Two-Way Firewall which prevents cybercriminals form hacking your Mac.

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With the tool, your Mac is safe from all web hackers that can steal your personal information and messages easily. The basic scanning option of the tool includes Quick, Full, File and Facebook Wall scans.

You can turn on/off automatic scans if you want so. Norton Internet security also comes with Browser Protection feature which is available only for Safari and Firefox. The feature will scan your browser to ensure that no hidden threat will find their way to your Mac.

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