Install Xcode For Mac 10.9.5

Install Xcode For Mac 10.9.5

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Hello fellow techs, I'm trying to install the latest version of OS X Mavericks (10.9.5) on my 2006 MacPro 1.1 via SFOTT: I have successfully installed 10.9.2, but I cannot update via the normal method because it overwrites the custom boot, causing the Mac only to boot to my recovery partition. OEMden has instructions on how to re-patch the boot with SFOTT but it just does not work for me (error I get is 'Cannot parse volume. Try single-quoting it'). So, what I need is a full package installer of 10.9.5 with InstallESD.dmg in Contents/SharedSupport.

The one I get from the AppStore does not have this, so I can't boot to it. I'm signed up as an Xcode developer (ha) so I should be able to get it from there if it's available, but haven't seen it. EDIT: Would it be possible to use the InstallESD.dmg from a 10.9.2 installer to build a bootable USB drive to install 10.9.5?? Get_My_Mac_On wrote: You can use OS X 10.6 or above to do the initial setup.

You can not purchase Mavericks from the App Store if your machine is not already approved for an upgrade. If you did make a purchase already, then it will show up in your purchases tab where you can then re-download it. Otherwise you can download this Mavericks download enabler  This looked promising, but I couldn't get it to work (couldn't boot to the USB flash drive after restoring the image to it). I have access to an iMac here that our graphics designer uses.

Ran KextUtility, rebooted, tried all the terminal commands listed originally, rebooted, and any combination of these. No one at the Insanely Mac forums responds to my posts! Downloaded the drivers off the Ralink site. Linksys wusb100 driver for mac download. Edited the line in the.plist file to read '121' instead of '112' or '113' or whichever one was there to begin with. As I posted there: I have a v2 dongle.

Trying to download Xcode 6.1 from the app store on to my mac book pro (OS X 10.9.5). When the download is nearly complete, I get a message saying 'download failed'.

She's on Mountain Lion, so I'll get the 10.9.5 Mavericks installer that way.

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