How To Flash Your Video Card For Mac Pro

How To Flash Your Video Card For Mac Pro

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Hello, i acquired a 2008 3,1 mac pro late last year, and i decided that i wanted to do i few upgrades to it to make it 'work flow friendly'. So, ive done processor upgrade (from 4 to 8), now i aim to do a graphics card upgrade, only thing is theres alot of loose info floating around on what does, and doesn't work. I am looking for a graphics, thats ether top of the line, or close to for the model, and that absolutely works, with no tinkering, with the 3,1.

Is there any definitive answer for this? Here is Everything I can find. The Graphics card must be/under 170W with no more the 2x6 pins unless you want to use a second power supply. It does apear you will not get a bootup screen if the card does not have APPLE EFI but everywhere I have read but will work as normal after that. Link bellow is someone who did it a year ago with with a GTX 780 and he said it works fine: Another Fourm of people saying it worked with different cards and not Flashing it: You could always buy a new card put it in if it works YAY.

If not repackage it and send it back. Amazon is usually good with returns even after you have opened it. Macvidcards recommends nothing above a gtx960/770/680 or AMD equivalent in those machines. There was a huge increase in cpu power when the 4,1 came out so they can handle a faster gpu. The Harpertown processors in the 3,1 will hamstring anything faster than the cards mentioned above.

Mac os alarm clock. You can still use faster cards if that's what you have but you won't get maximum performance from them. Im going to select your reply as the answer, just so i can let this thread die. I havent touched that machine in over a year, and have moved way pasted what i was doing with it.

What do you need to flash a PC card to work in a Mac? ROM (Firmware) 4. A Flashing Tool POWER The graphic cards today are hungry. The 4800 and 5800 series require two power connectors. Pixma You have two choices for providing these: 1. Using Motherboard Cables Mac Pro motherboard has two connectors for powering graphic cards.

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