Film Editing Software For Mac

Film Editing Software For Mac

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Since iMovie is no longer free, decent Mac video editors are hard to come. Built with the aim of providing a stable, free, and accessible video editor. Short films online, the Blender Foundation used only open-source or free software to. Free movie editing software with paid versions too. All of the Movie Editing software’s mentioned have a free version with limited features of course and you can always swtich to paid version You can even make a short film only with your iPhone and many people will not know that it was taken with one.

The need for an easy video editing software solution has become steadily more relevant in recent years as the major video editing software companies have battled each other in a game of one-upmanship. The end result has been that the average consumer level video editing software has become incredibly feature rich but in the process, has become quite complicated as well.

You can’t keep adding features without having to add access to those features through the user interface and this inevitably results in complexity. They all carry the claim of being “easy video editing software” or “simple video editors” when being described by their respective marketing departments but the truth is, they have become progressively more difficult to use. I have been asked on a number of forums and through this site to recommend some truly simple video editing programs or an easy video editor that anyone can use. Something that has all the basic features that a user would need without the shiny “bells and whistles” and complicated interface that comes with it. I have listed what I think to be the best of this class below but keep in mind that just because they are classified as simple video editing software programs they are not crippled in any way. They offer all of the basic features you will need to create your own videos with ease.

If you are just a beginner or really don’t see yourself spending hours alone in a darkened room editing your footage, or you just want to get your video masterpieces out as soon as possible with a minimum of fuss then you would be well served by the ones listed below. They all cover the basic actions of cutting, slicing and dicing with transitions, audio control and a wide range of output formats.

*My standard disclaimer applies: Please, use the trials first to see how you like it and how it likes you and your computer setup before committing to a long term relationship! Wondershare Filmora Wondershare Filmora is a recent re-branding of the company’s simple video editing software which comes in versions for both PC and Mac. Previously it was just called Wondershare Video Editor and although not really an inspired naming you have to admire the efficiency of it! Windows media player for mac download free full.

Control z for mac. In terms of ease of use and simplicity without sacrificing functionality I think you would be hard pressed to go past this one. The guys at Wondershare have been bugging me to take a look at it for a while now and unfortunately I have always put it in the “to do later” file and never got around to it until recently. To put it bluntly, this little editor is awesome! It’s so well easy!

It downloads and installs very quickly and I was up and running within minutes. The interface is a “non-techie” dream come true with no hidden menus or menu items that you have to know in order to access them, it literally is “what you see is what you get.” Everything is available through an icon that sits in the little menu bar smack dab in the middle of your screen. Take a look at this intro video they created using the software itself to get an idea of what you can do with it and how easy it is. The key to how they made it so good is in the time Wondershare put into the backend of the software rather than the interface.

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