Enter Check Number Manually Quickbooks For Mac

Enter Check Number Manually Quickbooks For Mac

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If you issued a physical check to one of your vendors or have forgotten to record a check from a prior date, follow the steps to properly record the transaction. To enter a check issued manually or from a prior date: • Select the Plus icon (+) at the top then Check. • Enter the date the check was issued. Google docs for mac desktop. • Uncheck the Print later checkmark box then enter the check number in the check number field. This will allow the program to record a check number that's already used. • In the Pay to the Order field, select the name of the person or company. • Enter the Amount of the check.

• From the Account column, select the appropriate account. • Enter any other necessary information then choose Save. Note: You won't need to print a physical check because you are recording a transaction from a prior date.


Enter the opening bank balance from your bank statement starting with the beginning of the period you need in QuickBooks. For example, if you are starting using QuickBooks on February 1, 2016, enter the beginning balance on your February bank statement, then enter this same date in the 'as of' date field. Using Check is a better option to control the check number of the bill payment. When using Pay Bills, open your check account register when you're finished to change the number of each payment to match the actual check you used.

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