Download Firefox For Mac Os High Sierra

Download Firefox For Mac Os High Sierra

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After waiting for my mid-2012 MacBook Pro to update for two days and nights, it's finally on the latest macOS — 10.13 High Sierra! As a tech enthusiast, I was super excited about High Sierra and its new features. However, the excitement has been gradually overcome by the issues I encountered — mainly, that it runs slowly or even freezes up during and after installation.

Having immersed myself into countless Apple communities and forums, I found that I wasn't alone. Because of our collective experience, I figured it would be a good idea to write an article listing common macOS High Sierra slowdown issues together with relevant solutions. My goal is simple: to save you time by helping you solve problems! Some of the issues below are what I personally suffered, while some come from stories of other fellow Mac users.

Makes it impossible to edit. Oddly, full screen mode will show the document and can be edited, but the app crashes within minutes. This is sort of depressing as I use Scrivener a lot. I may need to see how a Time Machine restore goes. (I backed up prior to the install of High Sierra.).

I hope you find them helpful. Important Tips If you have decided to update to High Sierra but have yet to do so, here are a few things (based on order of priority) I highly recommend you check out in advance so you can avoid potential problems.

• Check your Mac model - Not all Macs, especially old ones, are able to upgrade. Apple has a clear list of which Mac models are supported. You can view the specifics. • Clean up your Mac - Per Apple, High Sierra requires at least 14.3GB of storage space to perform the upgrade.

It is always a good idea to stay proactive and protect yourself before anything can even try to happen. There has been some research done that says that Macs are becoming less secure these days. Free antivirus for mac. Ransomware is becoming a real threat these days hitting the huge organisations including the NHS recently. Mac security is ever so important and a good quality antivirus for Mac is definitely an essential assistant to keep your system safe. Also on June 13th 2017, users were warned by security firms Fortinet and AlienVault about the new types of malware targeting Macs after being published on the Dark Web.

The more free space you have, the better. Plus, it'll take you less time to back up. How to clean? There are lots of manual things you can do, but I recommend using to remove system junk and to find large duplicates. That's the most effective solution I've found.

• Backup your data - It's always good practice to backup your Mac once a while — or like they say, make a backup of your backups! Apple also recommends us to do that for major macOS upgrades, just in case.

Is the go-to tool but you can also use an advanced backup app like which has several key features Time Machine doesn't offer, such as bootable backups, the ability to select which files to backup, lossless compression, etc. • Update to 10.12.6 FIRST - This helps avoid an issue where your Mac keeps hanging in the 'about a minute remaining' window. I found out the hard way. If your Mac is currently running an older Sierra version other than 10.12.6, you can't successfully install High Sierra.

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You can learn more details from below. • Choose the right time to update - Do NOT install High Sierra at work. You never how long it's going to take. Instead, I think it's best that you set a time to do this on a weekend.

The installation process alone will take about two hours to complete (ideally). Plus, it takes more time to clean and back up your Mac -- and deal with those unexpected issues like the ones I encountered. Issue 2: Not Enough Disk Space to Install Possible cause: The startup disk on the Mac that High Sierra will be installed on lacks storage space. The latest macOS requires at least 14.3GB free disk space.

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