Docker For Mac Doesn't Work

Docker For Mac Doesn't Work

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Will give a wrong answer if Docker host machine is Mac (You won't be able actually to access your Mac from container with That's why there is a feature in Docker for Mac - special hostname docker.for.mac.localhost with which you can access your host Mac from container. Docker-for-desktop Ready master 1d v1.8.2. For management purposes, I’m also going to install the Kubernetes dashboard With all due respect to Minikube, Docker for Mac with Kubernetes is probably one of the easiest ways to Will Docker work on a tighter Kubernetes integration in CE/EE?

As a developer, I'm generally pretty happy with my Mac as a development machine. As I spend more time with Docker though, I certainly wish that I could run my containers natively on the Mac. Unfortunately, OSX is not Linux and it simply doesn't have the kernel features that are required to run Docker containers. As a result, we Mac users typically find ourselves running a Linux distro in a VM in order to get our Docker fix. The tool makes this about as easy as it can be by provisioning a virtual machine running the Docker daemon and installing a Mac version of the Docker client which will communicate with that daemon. The end result is that it (almost) feels like we're running Docker containers natively on the Mac -- the client tool runs in the local terminal and transparently interacts with the Docker server running inside the VM. For most people boot2docker is the perfect tool for working with Docker on the Mac (or for that matter).

There are, however, a few scenarios where boot2docker doesn't work. Here at CenturyLink Labs we've spent a lot of time recently developing against some of the features unique to. So I'm running CoreOS instead of boot2docker's Tiny Core Linux as my Docker host. Similarly, you may already have an existing Ubuntu VM with Docker that you'd like to use. In these cases, you're typically stuck having to log into your VM and executing your Docker commands there.

So what do you do when you want that native-ish experience on your Mac but you're running a Docker host that doesn't work with boot2docker? Let's have a look. Docker API The key to making this work is recognizing that the Docker client does all of its interaction with the Docker daemon through a RESTful API. Any time you use docker build or docker run the Docker client is simply issuing HTTP requests to the on your behalf. So the trick to getting a Docker client running on your Mac to interact with a Docker host in a virtual machine is to make sure that the API is accessible and the client knows how to find it. This is work that boot2docker will do automatically but I'll explain how to set it up manually in the sections below.

TCP Port Binding In most installations the Docker API is configured by default to listen on unix:///var/run/docker.sock which only allows local connections by the root user. The first step is to bind the Docker daemon to a TCP port so that the client (running outside the VM) can interact with it. Note: This is most definitely NOT something that you want to do in a production environment as it effectively gives full Docker daemon access to anyone who can reach that port. However, there should be little danger in doing this on a VM which is only accessible to your local machine.

Docker Toolbox is the existing solution to run Docker on Windows and Mac. It’s uses Oracle VirtualBox, which is its biggest weakness.

Best mac for music and video. I have not been able to get VirtualBox working on recent Windows 10 builds, no amount of reinstalling and troubleshooting has helped. The VirtualBox error incidentally was ' Cannot rename this connection. A connection with the name that you specified already exists'. This has meant Docker Toolbox has been a dead-end for me, so I was super keen to learn about Docker for Windows. The big news out of the gate, is Docker for Windows doesn’t use Oracle VirtualBox at all. Why use a third party virtualization solution, when one is built into Windows? That’s right Docker for Windows uses Hyper-V.

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