Connect Outlook For Mac To Hotmail

Connect Outlook For Mac To Hotmail

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Microsoft finally implemented IMAP interface on a Hotmail (,,, etc.). Finally, they have caught up to the 21 st century and implemented a mail system which is designed for a world where people have multiple devices. Best printer for mac pro. Recommended settings for fortnite mac. They steadfastly refuse to implement CALDAV or CARDDAV, so no hope of syncing calenders or contacts though, even though, as a recent survey for (a Lower Mainland on-site tech support company) showed, 58% of respondents called accessing their email and contacts from anywhere absolutely critical (30% said they “cannot live without it”). If you have a Mac, you know that that settings up mail accounts is simple, easy and automatic, right? Well not so fast. I do have Mavericks rel 10.9.

I have been trying to setup my account on my Mac Mail program, but the. Click next; THe outgoing server is; The user name is. We are having trouble with users who wish to connect their own private office 365 account automatically on a Domain joined Windows 7 client in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. In our Domain we have our own Exchange 2016 server. I’m afraid it has something to do with our own autodiscovery.

I redid everything and still not syncing. I got this error when I tried to delete a message from my INBOX on the mac. The IMAP command “UID COPY” (to Deleted) failed for the mailbox “INBOX” with server error: Error 9. Server error. Please try again later. Do you think this is the problem?

Also, how can I get the last box (summary) in your write up. One other thing, in order to get it to work I had to use a user name(hotmail address) and password (hotmail password) on the outgoing mail server ( Microsoft still does not support CalDAV or CardDAV so there is no way to sync contacts and calendars. The only solution is to use iCloud for contacts and calendars and then go into and attach the iCloud calendar to your outlook account and an external calendar. The far easier solution (and I am not trying to be trite or fan-boy here) is to forward your hotmail address to iCloud or Gmail then it’s easy to sync everything except a PC (which you can sync by using EMClient as your email program).

POP will usually eat messages from the server. You should only use IMAP or EAS (Exchange Active Sync) on all devices. The problem is that all of your old messages may be lost if you delete the POP account. You should DISABLE the POP account, you can drag any old messages or folders to the IMAP account to put them back on the server and have them available on all devices. When you have some devices connected with IMAP and some with POP, will move the messages that POP has attempted to eat into a folder called something like “POP Deleted” so you can get them back. The proper way is to set-up two user accounts on the Mac, one for you and one for him. That way you each have different emails, contacts, calendars, web history, preferences and files (plus iCloud, Dropbox etc).

(System Preferences->Users & Groups). If you really want everything mixed together then just add a second email account using the procedure above (change the account names to something to obviously identify them). Inbox will show mail from all accounts, but under that will be the individual inboxes for each account. For those following this: The latest Mavericks update has removed the ability to set-up email sanely. Now you can’t get to the edit screen from the accounts section. You need to open Mail, UNHIDE the folders column (“Show” arrow at the top) then expand Inbox, then Right-click (or whatever alternate click like two-fingers or Ctrl-Click) on the account you want to change and select “Get Account Info”.

That will bring up the edit panel. All those thousands of engineers at Apple and the guy with the brain was off sick the day they designed the Mail app. (Sorry was that my outside voice?). The old one is probably set up as POP, an old mail protocol from the 1980s which is not secure and is designed for one computer. It removes messages from the server (by default) so they are only on that computer. now puts any mail removed by a computer configured for POP access into a folder with a name like “POP Deleted”.


You have two choices: 1) rename the POP account to something else (eg. Old Hotmail) and disable the account for receive. 2) drag any folders you want to keep onto the IMAP version of the account.

This will push them back to the server. Once the transfer is done, remove the POP version. Sorry, I just noticed that my long and researched answer to your comment never actually posted. Apple’s implementation of IMAP downloads the entire contents of every message to your computer.

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