Best Slide Scanners For Mac

Best Slide Scanners For Mac

Best Slide Scanners For Mac Rating: 6,5/10 1773 reviews

Recently I had a chance to meet one of my old friends after a gap of 20 years. Over a glass of wine, we cherished our old memories. He took out his MacBook and started showing me the old photos of our school days which he recently scanned with his scanner.

So, which is the best slide scanner? Table of Contents. 2 Slide Scanner Alternatives. Leaving yourself with wiggle room is always best, so many people go for scanners with the highest resolution capacities they can find and then use software to downsample the resolution as.

Although I enjoyed going back to the memory lane but honestly, I did not like the image quality of the photos. There were scratches here and there and some were faded at the corners. Being an IT professional, I suggested him to buy a good photo scanner that comes with automatic image correction features and software to enhance and manage the pics.

After I reached home I wondered how good it would be to share my experience with all those who wish to buy the best photo scanners of all time. So, here I have this guide just for you all to buy a good photo scanner and preserve your precious memories embedded in photos. Reviews of Photo Scanners. 1 Plustek Photo Scanner This is a trouble-free and easy to use photo scanner. It is equipped with CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensors that auto crops and deskews the images automatically while scanning. It is a fast scanner and you can scan a 4×6 inches image in two minutes. It comes with a unique design that lets you insert the photos one by one from the top and is much efficient than a flatbed scanner.

Old memories in paper form are often faded but with a powerful included software, you can easily enhance these photographs digitally. With a user-friendly interface, the software also lets you share these saved pics with your friends and relatives on various social media accounts.

The Plustek scanner is compatible with both Mac and windows OS. 2 Epson FastFoto FF-640 Scanner One of the high speed photo scanners, Epson FF-640 offers many innovative features apart from basic scanning functionality. With smart photo fix technology, you can customize the photographs by color-enhancement and moreover, it also helps in red-eye reduction. The other feature that sets it unique among other scanners is its ability to scan both the sides of the photograph in one go. It will help you keep any personal remarks on the backside of the photo. Furthermore, you can also scan other documents at a high resolution of 6000 dpi and keep your home or office paper-free.

With the bundled software, you can share pictures not only on social media but save them on a cloud like a google drive. 3 Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. Colored black in color, this is an elegant and sleek scanner that is not going to create any clutter on your office desk. It has an ADF with a maximum capacity of 50 sheets of paper and also supports double sided scanning. The scanner intelligently detects and corrects the colors and is capable of auto-rotating the images in the correct position, if needed. As far as connectivity is concerned, the scanner comes with both USB wire and WiFi connectivity. Furthermore, you can directly scan the images or other documents to the cloud locations like Dropbox, Evernote.

Mac os x 10.6.8 download for free pc. The scanner is compatible with both Windows and iOS operating systems. The bundled software can extract the contacts from the cards and you can export them to excel or outlook easily. 4 Canon CanoScan 9000F Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the notable features of this scanner include easy setup, low power consumption and fast warming up. The image-scanner comes with automatic retouching software that removes any scratch or dirt marks from the documents.

This is a professional film and image scanner and you can also scan 35mm photo-films and other business documents in a high resolution of 9600 dpi. A 48-bit color depth ensures you get clear and vivid colors in the final digitized output. It is a flatbed type scanner that comes with My-Garden image management software that allows that helps in enhancing the overall image quality of the document. 5 Doxie Flip Portable Photo Scanner This is a hand-held scanner that lets you scan old memories, coins, portraits, keepsakes, ticket stubs, Polaroids, index cards, pocket notebooks, letters, stamps, paper photos or sketches. You can easily digitize all these input files and share them instantly on social media or save them to cloud directly after the scan.

Furthermore, the bundled software with this photo scanner helps you to organize all the scanned files and auto stitch feature enables you to merge small images to a bigger one. The software also allows you to enhance the images by changing the contrast levels or crop them, if necessary. You can scan the images up to 600 dpi resolution and Doxie Flip scanner saves the files in buit-in SD card. It is a lightweight and compact in size and is a must for on the go scanning. 6 Epson PV850 Pro scanner for Professionals This is a professional series scanner from Epson and is the right choice for those who want fine detailing in digital output. The notable features include dual lens system for 4800 and 6400 dpi resolutions respectively, 4.0 Dmax engine for fine picture detailing, and five sets of film holders for increased versatility and productivity. Unlike other scanners that come with warming bulbs, Epson PV850 is equipped with No-Warmup LED technology.

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