Best Linux Software For A Apple/mac Like Environment

Best Linux Software For A Apple/mac Like Environment

Best Linux Software For A Apple/mac Like Environment Rating: 5,9/10 1044 reviews

MacOS comes with a very good email client. Consistently, Mac users say this. Sadly, Apple doesn’t port their email software to other operating systems. Luckily on Linux, there are many email clients to choose from. The best email client for Linux, hands down, has to be Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s open source, supports a plethora of add-ons, and is likely the email client that many people (including Mac. To get the most Mac-like look on Linux you need to use the most appropriate desktop environment and that, welp, means you should use GNOME Shell. That’s not a slight against Unity, and MATE and Cinnamon are also malliable desktops.

From using all 3 major Operating Systems (considering Ubuntu as the third, as the representative of Linux,) I can tell you that Ubuntu is very similar to Mac OS X in simplicity, also I have noticed window dialogs tend to be remarkably similar to that of which we see in Ubuntu. While Ubuntu maintains certain factors that are similar to Windows, such as the default taskbar (that is typically replaced anyhow.) From a usability respect, both Operating Systems are nearly equal., the major difference between Mac OS X and Ubuntu would have to be that Mac OS X is closed source, as he explained. Essentially, Ubuntu is free due to it's Open Source licensing, Mac OS X; due to being closed source, isn't. Beyond that, Mac OS X and Ubuntu are cousins, Mac OS X being based off of FreeBSD/BSD, and Ubuntu being Linux based, which are two separate branches off of UNIX. Mac OS X is just basically just a special kernel (because Apple can lock down what hardware gets used so effectively, they can optimize without having to cater to myriad hardware) and a GUI pasted on top of UNIX. It's also incredibly close to completely compatible with Linux technically except for the steps Apple has taken to keep open source away.

It's quite possible to drop a linux packaging system like apt-get into an OSX installation and have it work fine. VLC actually sued them to remove the VLC Player from the App Store because they didn't want to see them benefit financially by their '1-way' street of taking open code, changing it, and then locking it down. Really I guess I'm trying to say that OSX and Linux are more alike than either community would probably lead you to believe.

And, both of them are incredibly close to their grandfather UNIX - you can effectively learn 90% of both OSX and Linux systems by just studying UNIX.

Linux creates a friendly environment for choices and options. For example, there are many Linux-based distributions out there that use different desktop environments for you to choose from. I have picked some of the best desktop environments that you will see in the Linux world. Plasma I consider to be the most advanced desktop environment (DE). It’s the most feature-rich and customizable desktop environment that I have ever seen; even Mac OS X and Windows don’t come near Plasma when it comes to complete control by the user. I also love Plasma because of its awesome file manager, Dolphin. One reason I prefer Plasma over Gnome-based systems is the file manager.

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Best linux software for a apple/mac like environmental

One of my biggest gripes with Gnome is that its file manager, Files, can’t handle basic tasks, such as batch-files renaming. That’s important for me because I take a lot of pictures, and Gnome makes it impossible for me to rename image files. On Dolphin, it’s a walk in the park. Then, you can add more functionality to Plasma with plugins. Plasma comes with some incredible software including Krita, Kdenlive, Calligra Office Suite, digiKam, Kwrite, and many other applications being developed by the KDE community. The only weakness of the Plasma desktop is its default email client, Kmail. It’s way too complicated to set up, and I also wish that setting up Kmail also configured the Address Book and Calendar.

Plasma is the default desktop environment of many major distributions including openSUSE. GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) was founded by and Federico Mena in 1997 because KDE used Qt toolkit, which was released under a proprietary license. Unlike KDE, where there were numerous customizations, GNOME focused on keeping things simple.

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