Alternatives To Teamviewer For Mac

Alternatives To Teamviewer For Mac

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A major add-on for TeamViewer is its quick and easy access. But if we look at its file-sharing capacity, it is not too reliable. Furthermore, TeamViewer is a costly affair because of its expensive upgrades and license price. So you must try TeamViewer Alternative.

Ever since TeamViewer got hacked, security experts are warning users to ditch it and look for a different remote desktop software alternative or face problems. In this article, we have provided 15 of the best TeamViewer alternatives. Remote desktop software for free and paid keeping in mind requirements of every kind of users. The reason is that TeamViewer is being used as a vector of attack. This has happened on other sites where they had no critical information and within 48 hours everyone’s logged in sessions were logged out, an email went around saying you had to click the link in the email (to verify ownership) and set up two-factor auth as they knew they were being targeted. TeamViewer must know they are being targeted, and the stakes are high as the software allows complete access to a trusted machine – it’s basically a master key – and there hasn’t been a single response with teeth from TeamViewer. However, TeamViewer developers say that the fault lies with the users.

Therefore it would be wise to search for alternatives to TeamViewer which we give here. Remote Desktop Access is a great way to manage the files on your desktop as well as any other possible location, and also to help your associates with troubleshooting their problems remotely. In other words, remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows the user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local. Also, remote desktops are an excellent way to expedite the deployments for developers. Remote desktop applications are used to remotely configure data centers and are the standard in industrial applications.

Teamviewer from mac to windows

While the advantages to the remote desktop are too good to be overlooked, the right tools are needed to connect with your friends and family safe and secured. One of the most common and widely used Remote Desktop software is ‘TeamViewer’ and we will be looking at a few alternatives that better this tool. Why the need for TeamViewer Alternative? While TeamViewer is a useful tool for getting started on a remote desktop, it doesn’t provide the simplicity and dependability expected from such a tool. Security is one primary concern that causes many users to flock away from TeamViewer, if not properly configured. If the average user doesn’t configure the settings on this tool correctly, your system is directly put at risk.

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Although the personal license version is for free, TeamViewer charges a heavy fee for the business version. Even though TeamViewer features many useful functionalities like file transfers, collaborations, and mobile access, there are better TeamViewer alternatives should you decide to do away with it. 15 best TeamViewer alternatives that can be used for remote desktop software applications. Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

DWService is free of charge multi-platform support solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry) that allows users to remotely connect to end-user systems from their computer or mobile device with any browser. Like TeamViewer, It also provides instant, secure, and trouble-free connections utilizing the latest industry standards and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for our users.

You can connect to any computer both inside and outside your local network. It traverses major web proxies and firewalls and shielded with industry-standard security. Developed by LogMeIn, is a premium online conferencing and meeting tool that allows multiple people from multiple locations connect with each other at the same time, which is supported by Windows and Mac OS X. offers unlimited audio, which means that anyone can join a call from any device, whether that is internet calling (VoIP) or phone lines. It also offers recording, one-click meeting scheduling, and phone numbers in 40 different countries to facilitate worldwide conferencing.

The paid versions offer up to 250 participants to join the meeting and a presenter swap lets people share their views across the attendees While the service is free for basic VoIP, it is $15/mo for Pro plan and $19/mo for Enterprise plans with premium meetings and advanced management. Splashtop offers free and paid remote desktop solutions for individuals and businesses alike and is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives. Splashtop is easy to use once you get past the difficulties with installation. Supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS, Splashtop remote PC access software offers fast connections and multiple levels of security. You can use the tool for Free if you are using it for personal purposes on up to 5 computers. Setting up the tool on your Windows or Mac and accessing remotely over your Android or iOS-based mobile phone is what Splashtop achieves pretty enormously.

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