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All Share App For Mac

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Download and install TV Smart View: All Share Video & TV cast in PC and you can install TV Smart View: All Share Video & TV cast 1.1 in your Windows PC and Mac OS. TV Smart View: All Share Video & TV cast is developed by Smartelectroteam and listed under TOOLS. Mirror your Mac or Macbook screen on a Samsung TV! Download the app and stream your video, movies and apps without Airplay or Apple TV.

Secure, one-click access to ShareFile without opening a web browser. Focused on speed and convenience, this app is a flexible way to manage your ShareFile account with drag and drop functionality, keyboard shortcut support, native interactions and adjustable, modular windows. This app is available on all ShareFile plans.

Both employee and client users may use this app. This app supports SAML login, Two-Step Verification, File Versioning, and Connectors. Limitations • Pushing this app via Group Policy is not currently supported. • This app only supports a per-user installation. • This app cannot be used to access data on a Restricted Zone. Getting Started Features and Functions Other • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • System Requirements • Mac OS X 10.11 or later Install Download ShareFile Desktop for Mac from the Apps page of your ShareFile account. Once you have downloaded the DMG file, drag and drop it into your Applications folder.

You must accept the License Agreement to install the app. This app only supports a per-user installation.

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Using ShareFile Desktop When starting the ShareFile Desktop app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in with your ShareFile credentials. Once you have signed in, use the navigation drop-down to select the section of your ShareFile account you would like to view. File Box access Users with access to the File Box can manage files stored there from the Personal Folders location. The File Box is only available to Employee users that have been Upload Files There are many ways to upload when using ShareFile desktop. You can upload both files and folders, as well as upload multiple files simultaneously.  Bluestacks for mac unable to connect to internet. Once you have chosen a file for upload or dragged a file to the app, it will be uploaded.

Upload times may vary based on your connection, the size of your file, and the number of files being processed. Click the upload button at the bottom of the app or Drag and drop files wherever you want them or Copy and Paste a file directly into the app Download Files There are many ways to download files with the ShareFile Desktop app. You can download files and folders, as well as download multiple items simultaneously. To download a file, you can do one of the following: • Double-click the file • Ctrl+Click the file and select Download • Select the file(s) and choose the Download option at the bottom of the app. • Drag the file to a location on your Mac.

Currently, you must download a file to your Mac in order to preview, view, or access it. View Queue You can view the progress of uploads and downloads in the Queue.

You can access the Queue using the drop-down menu in the upper left. Share Files You may share multiple files simultaneously by selecting them and using one of the options listed below. You can share files in one of two ways: Email with ShareFile or Copy a Link, as well as customize the relevant options before sending the message or generating the link. Accounts with enabled may share files as view-only. To share files, do one of the following: • Click the item(s), then choose your Share option in action menu at the top, or the Share option in the bottom bar • Ctrl+Click a file and select your preferred Share option.

Email with ShareFile A secure message will be sent via the ShareFile email system. Access the Message Options tab to configure notification and security settings for this individual message. The options available to you will vary based on your account type and permissions. Copy a Link Clicking Copy a Link will automatically place a link to the file in your clipboard. You can paste the link into your preferred browser, email, or chat program. If you would like to customize the options of this link, click the Gear icon to the right of the Copy a Link option. The link options shown below allow you to customize various notification and security settings for this particular message. The options available to you will vary based on your account type and permissions.

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