Adventure Games For Mac Os

Adventure Games For Mac Os

Adventure Games For Mac Os Rating: 5,6/10 238 reviews

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Adventure Games For Mac Os

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Adventure & Role Playing Games: Action Adventure. Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher - 64. ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point.

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InnerSpace Mac OS X If you are searching for a relaxing game, something different from the majority of nowadays, InnerSpace Mac OS X is the perfect title for you. Now released for OS X computers, this one is as a very good indie. Produced by PolyKnight Games, and being their first title, InnerSpace is one of the best games playable when you just want to relax and explore. It’s time for you to step in into Inverse, right from your mac OS computer. This is the world from, a world full of planets, skies, oceans, mountains and a lot more graphic elements. You must fly through them in order to discover more and more parts from a lost history. Signs and messages of the ancient civilisations are waiting to be discovered, BY YOU!

Go ahead, proceed to the download and start the pretty nice adventure from InnerSpace Mac OS X! InnerSpace Mac OS X – Minimum System Requirements.

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