Is Quicken 2016 For Mac Compatible With Mountain Lion

Is Quicken 2016 For Mac Compatible With Mountain Lion

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'Quicken 2007 for Lion' which now is updated for Mountain Lion, is a full fledged rewrite of Quicken 2007 to run on the Intel CPUs that Macs have used since 2006. IT IS NOT AN UPDATE! You do not need any version of Quicken previously installed on your computer for it to properly function. It costs $15 and works directly with data from Quicken 2005, 2006 and 2007. If you need to update data from previous versions, such as I did when upgrading from Quicken Deluxe 2002, you must obtain a copy of the PowerPC version of either Quicken 2006 or Quicken 2007 (post a request with Ferd at: ), and FIRST run it on a computer capable of running a PPC application (that is a computer that has Rosetta installed) with your old data file. After Quicken 2006/2007 PPC has updated your data, you can now access your data directly with Quicken 2007 for Lion in either Lion or Mountain Lion.

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Quicken Essentials is severly hobbled, and virtually no one recommends its use on the Mac (except for those compensated by Intuit). Sorry to be dumb, but I want to make sure I do this right. I have Quicken 2005. I didn't realize that it would not work with Mountain Lion. I should be able to purchase Quicken 2007 and download it and convert all my 2005 data into 2007 so it will work with Mountain Lion, is that correct?

I won't have to do anything else like run it on a PPC machine? Also you mentioned I could get it for $15? Could you post a link where I can purchase it? I looked on Intuit's website but couldn't find anywhere to purchase 2007. (EDITED: found the $15 version here: ) Thanks, Jennifer Message was edited by: iMac_Lover. IMac_Lover wrote: Sorry to be dumb, but I want to make sure I do this right.

In defense of old Mac software. And then the should-possibly-be-ashamed Quicken 2015 for Mac. Quicken 2015 was such a poor release compared to 2007 that even Intuit. OS X Mountain Lion; Bare. PROS: Opens Money files, Imports Quicken files, Less bloated than Money; CONS: Lacks online banking. A full version program for mac, by Quicken Inc.

The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California (now deceased) once told me there are no dumb questions; only dumb answers! Hopefully you have not updated to Mountain Lion, YET! Quicken 2007 (either version) will ONLY accept data from Quicken 2006 or 2007. For you, as a Quicken 2005 user, you must obtain a copy of the PowerPC version of Quicken 2006 or Quicken 2007 and that program will convert your Quicken 2005 data file to one that will open in Quicken 2007 for Lion.

Intuit, which formerly used to provide copies of Quicken 2006 or 2007 (PPC) for such purposes has gone MIA (consistent with OldMacFan's observation that Intuit does not want you to find the $15 upgrade page either! П˜® To find that link - I always have to Google 'CNET Quicken 2007 for Lion' and in the first listed result, Topher Kessler's review of the program for CNET has the link!) Consequently, go to this blog and post a comment for Ferd to send you a copy of Quicken 2006 or Quicken 2007 (PPC) and when you receive it, you must run it on a Mac that supports Rosetta and PPC software: Then when you upgrade to Mountain Lion, your data file will open normally with Quicken 2007 for Lion/Mountain Lion. If you have already upgraded to Mountain Lion and hence do not have access to Rosetta, let me know and I will give you further instructions. Ok so I went to the link that I posted when I found the $15 software and it says that you can import from Quicken2005. Also because I couldn't run Quicken2005 on my MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion I had copied over to my older iMac and was using Quicken there for about 2 days.

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